from the rocking chair

by z. ingram

Snatched away

Quick asits given

‘Membah them slaves?

How they was livin’?


Handled po’ ly

Fo’ too many years

Laybuh all day

Naeght shed tears


Theys owners was rich

Them kept po’

Them was tired

fought to get mo’


Rights like whites

Alls they wanted

Thems lower class

Laughed at and taunted


In the wave of tryin’

Fo’ them right to be free

Them was beaten and dyin’

Eff, Arrrah, eee, eee

What them wanted to be


Them rich white mens

A’int give a damn fo’ them slaves

Worked them to death

Gave them no graves


Later them slaves


White man still say

“Nigger, you belongs to me.”



Z. Ingram is an aspiring Human Rights attorney, and NYU Steinhardt Alum. Z grew up in the South and works often include experiences had as a young Colored and (sometimes) angry person in the works created.